Erotica Unveiled

Ivanna Howles


Ivanna Howles is the fourth of eight children. She was born in Mississippi and moved to New York when she was six-years-old where she lived and grew up. At forty-six years of age, she is the mother of two girls, and grandmother of four.

In her late teens Ivanna wrote to vent her fears, doubts, hopes, and frustrations. Due to intense shyness, these writings were for her eyes only, never bringing herself to share them with anyone. She made it through high school and attempted college more then once, eventually graduating from Business College in 1991, with an Executive Secretary’s Associates Degree in the Corporate, Medical, and Legal field. Upon graduating, she held numerous corporate positions and later went on to work for the NYS Legislature. In 2000, Ivanna was in an accident that resulted in a serious back injury causing her to undergo two major back surgeries, ultimately forcing her into early retirement. Depressed and having a tremendous amount of time on her hands, she started a Myspace page and began networking friends. Amongst them were several authors of Erotic Tales.

Although she was an introverted person, after conversing with other writers, reading their works, sharing, and exchanging ideas, Ivanna was encouraged - not only to write again - but inspired to share what she writes with others. Although she intends to send a special message to women who feel afraid to express their feelings, she will never reveal whether or not these stories are real life experiences or just fictitious fantasy.



As I checked my bath water, I peeled off my clothes and was ready for a hot soak. The tub was filled with wonderful bubbles from the milk bath and Calgon Bath Beads. Rose pedals lay beautifully on top of the bubbles, patiently waiting for me to enter the tub.

The scene was breathtaking and so inviting. There were red pedals, yellow, white, pink and even my favorite, black ones. Ummm, the smell of the roses was quite invigorating to me. I stepped into my paradise bath and enjoying it to the fullest. Pampering my body never felt so good. Afterwards, I drained the water and turned on the shower routinely, to rinse off body residue and wash my hair.

The water felt good beating on my breast and every now and then, it would rain on the tips of my ......

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